From the Beginning

I have spent most of my life of people speaking for me on how I should feel about adoption, making decisions on my behalf as an adoptee, and even non-adoptees making legislation that affects my life.

This blog was created tonight in part of my exploration of finding my birth family, struggling with grief and loss, and encountering the narrative adult adoptees are sometimes cornered to live in due to what our society has socially accepted for us.

Recently, I have been grieving. Feeling like I don’t have community, which is something I valued and pursued most of my life. Sports, church, adoptee organizations. My hope is to not only use my own voice to share my experiences and thoughts on adoption, but to also open the platform and conversation to other adoptees.

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Cannot wait to share more!

One thought on “From the Beginning

  1. Katie, Don’t fear what you don’t know; trust your instincts and learn as you go. Hold onto the things you believe in. It is perfectly natural to be curious about the past, to want to know more about your roots and understand the reasons for the dramatic change in life’s trajectory. The way home for many adoptees is an ethereal journey of the mind. Seeking only mercy on an intrinsic and primal level, regardless of the depths of humiliation we may find, most adoptee have a primal urge to pierce the surface reflection to see what lies in the depths below. Judith


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