Dear Mom.

Dear Mom, How are you handling COVID in Korea? I assume you still live in Korea, but I honestly do not know where you are living. I do not even know if you are still alive, actually. However, today I am going to assume you are both alive and living in Korea. I heard Korea […]


I wrote about this experience in 2009, when I was on an adult adoptee trip in South Korea and searching for my birth family for the first time. I took a train trip with a Korean native who was helping me find any pieces of my story and translating everything for me: I sat on […]

I Miss That Person.

I have been searching for my birth family for 11 years. Actively searching for 11 years. In 2012, I lived in Korea and decided to pursue an adoptee’s last option – going on national television. For an adoptee who has no information, this is considered to be the last resort for our search. I appeared […]


“Why is your nose so flat?” “You have a flat face!” Look! I can have squinty eyes too!” I grew up in private schools in the east end of Louisville, Kentucky. I was one of a couple minorities in my school, and I had four older [white] brothers that attended before me. I was held […]

Going “Home”

I was born at “Seoul Clinic” (the most vague name in the world), located in Kuri Town (구리), Namyangju County, Kyonggi Province. It takes about an hour and a half to get there by subway from Seoul Station in Seoul. My Korean name is Kang So Yung (강소영), however it is assumed my Korean name […]

From the Beginning

I have spent most of my life of people speaking for me on how I should feel about adoption, making decisions on my behalf as an adoptee, and even non-adoptees making legislation that affects my life. This blog was created tonight in part of my exploration of finding my birth family, struggling with grief and […]

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